Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cody Myers received Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation’s Leadership Award today at RMS

RMS School Resource Officer Cody Myers received the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation's Leadership Award from Susan Thomas during an assembly at the school Tuesday morning. (Ernie Over photo)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation today honed Cody Myers with the Craig Thomas Leadership Award before an assembly of students at Riverton Middle School. Myers serves as the Riverton Police Department’s School Resource Officer.

RMS Principal Cheryl Mowry, Fremont County School District #25 Superintendent Terry Snyder, Riverton High School SRO Charlie Marshall, Cody’s wife Crystal and Susan Thomas, director of the Foundation and the wife of the late U.S. Senator Craig Thomas, all spoke at the assembly, honoring Myers’ achievements and dedication on behalf of youth.

“You teach us what it is like to be good citizens and you are a good role model for us, you’re part of our team,” Mowry said of Myers in opening remarks. “He cares about each of you and all of us.”

Snyder said one of the reasons he chose to come to Riverton was his first meeting with Myers. “He has a passion for the kids and programs for the kids and convinced me I was in the right place,” he said. “Who he is as a professional is the same as who he is in his personal life, it’s all about kids. This community and the state is better because he is here.”

Fellow SRO had Myers come out for a demonstration. As the RHS SRO, Marshall pointed out to the 8th grade students that he was taller than Myers and that he had hair. “From the very first day as a police officer, Cody knew that he wanted to work with young people. He has devoted his life to work with you students, not only here in FCSD#25, but across the state.” Marshall said it was Myers’ insistence that he became a SRO. “It is the best position I have ever held in my life.”

Cody’s wife Crystal said her husband realized at a young age that he could realize his dreams with support of those around him. “He realized that he could help kids who may not have support in their lives.”

Thomas echoed all of those remarks and said that Myers exemplified what Craig Thomas was all about. “When you want to give up, push,” she said. “That’s what Craig and I did in all of our campaigns, and that’s what Cody does.”

For himself, Myers urged the students that even the smallest act of kindness goes a long way in helping people. He recalled a story when he was becoming an officer and having an especially hard day when Marshall saw him and told him that he looked good in blue. “It helped me get through that day. “A kind work as encouragement was all it took,” he said. Myers thanked the District #25, the RPD the City of Riverton and the community for providing support not only for the SRO program, but for the other programs outside of school that he’s involved with, including the Ready to Rope, Ready to Ride Rodeo School for kids and Camp Postcard, to mention a few.

Riverton’s SRO program was recognized earlier this year by the National School Resource Officers Association as one of the finest in the country, and as Snyder said, “It’s the best because of what they do, not what they are. It’s all about the kids.”

Myers received a prolonged standing ovation after the award was presented.

In attendance, in addition to the entire population of the middle school, were Mayor Ron Warpness, City Administrator Steven Weaver, Assistant Schools Supt. JoAnn Flanagan, Chief Mike Broadhead and Captains C.T. Smith and Eric Murphy plus Elementary School SRO Sergio Cabada from the Riverton Police Department, Principal and Vice-Princpial John Griffith and Reggie Miller, from RHS, respectfully, U.S. Senator John Barrasso’s local representative Pam Buline, Lander Distrct #1 SRO Jake Conilogue, Central Wyoming College Security Chief Chuck Carr and Craig and Susan Thomas Foundations’ Ally Sanders plus members of Myer’s family.



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