Tuesday, March 4, 2008
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Thomas Foundation Launched

Cheyenne, Wyoming – A new foundation dedicated to the education, inspiration and leadership of Wyoming’s youth was announced Tuesday by Susan Thomas, wife of US Senator Craig Thomas at a press conference in the State Capitol.

The newly formed Craig and Susan Foundation will give particular focus to Wyoming’s at-risk youth population.

Surrounded by Wyoming’s Governor, First Lady, House and Senate Legislative Leadership and others who champion Wyoming youth, Susan Thomas said that the foundation is a way “to continue the legacy of helping Wyoming’s young people, one mind at a time.”

“While many quality programs exist to serve the high achievers, we know that every Wyoming young person can rise to the best of their ability, if given a chance. That’s what the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation is all about – a chance for every Wyoming young person to be his or her best,” she added.

The Federal Elections Commission allows unused campaign funds to be donated to charities which have 501(C)(3) status. The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation received the required designation from the IRS in January.

The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation is seeded with $300,000 and will raise additional funds to achieve its educational scholarship goals.

According to program guides, the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation will:

1. Offer scholarships to those who may not qualify for major scholarship programs, such as the Hathaway or other programs, but want to continue their education in Wyoming at junior colleges, vocational/technical schools or the University.

2. Offer assistance to organizations and groups that support our goals and champion Wyoming ’s youth.

3. Sponsor leadership awards to individuals in Wyoming who have inspired and challenged Wyoming ’s youth to reach their full potential.

Susan Thomas said, “Not every Wyoming student will find a good fit in a four year post secondary high school program. But I believe that excellence and inspiration at all levels is vital and should be available because we can’t close any doors to Wyoming’s future.

My husband and I have spent a lifetime watching out for those young people who would otherwise fall through the cracks. We want to provide alternatives to the traditional learning cycle. We want at-risk learners to succeed.

“My motto is simple. Every child – one mind at a time. Susan Thomas added.

Long before being elected as Wyoming’s Senator, Craig Thomas dedicated countless hours to our state’s children. He personally spent time with thousands of young people, urging them to be the best they could be, whatever their circumstances.

“Craig believed that a fundamental part of his job was to work with Wyoming’s youth -- to urge them to succeed – to help them be good citizens -- to lead in whatever their vocations. From mechanics to marketing, 4-H to cosmetology, welding to technology or working fields. Training and education does make a difference – for everyone,” Susan Thomas said.

In its 2008 launch, two core elements currently comprise the educational outreach effort of the Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation. One core mission is scholarships for at risk students. The second focus is leadership awards for those Wyoming individuals who work so diligently to make a difference in the lives of students who are not at the top of every list.

“But they are on the top of my list,” according to Susan Thomas, “My list for a better future and the best life they can lead.”

The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation will make a difference.

“It’s a continuation of Craig’s work and my work for Wyoming’s young people,” Susan Thomas added. “Inspiring excellence –– with hope, one mind at a time.”




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